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*Ages 10-15 years are often a time of the final major growth spurt.


For child age from 10 - 15 years old

Teens have busy lives juggling school, co-curricular and social activities. Good nutrition may not be a top concern at this time, but it is what they need to optimize growth and fuel active lifestyle. During early adolescence, teens typically go through a final major growth spurt and need up to two times or more# of key nutrients to support this growth phase. If skipping meals, snacking on junk food and eating processed foods is what happens more often than not, PediaSure® 10+ is the right nutritional choice for these active and growing go-getters!

PediaSure® 10+ a first ever in teenage nutrition, is scientifically tailored to meet the nutritional needs during this period of accelerated growth. PediaSure® 10+ provides complete, balanced nutrition, power packed with 37 key nutrients, to support growth and development of teens during the critical growing years.

The PediaSure range of products is supported by more than 30 years of science and innovation. PediaSure provides trusted nutrition when it comes to catch-up growth.

PediaSure 10+ is specialized nutrition with the Triple Growth System and up to 2X ^ key nutrients to help meet the increased nutritional needs of teens during their final growth spurt when accelerated growth happens.

Power-packed with 37 key nutrients and delivering complete, balanced nutrition, PediaSure 10+ is your delicious yet nutrition strategy to ensure that your teens meet their increased nutritional needs.


#Based on comparison of recommended intakes (US DRIs) for protein, magnesium and phosphorus between children 1-8 years compared to 9-18 years.

^2 servings per day provides 100% of daily needs for vitamin D, according to US DRIs

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